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Winter 2015

From Your Project Connect Coordinator

New Project Connect Booklet Regrets, Reality, Restoration Offers Hope beyond Our Regrets

The sad and simple fact of life is it's full of regrets. Most blunders and ill-conceived decisions we can brush off and chalk up to experience, resolving never to do that again. Others, however, those that stain our psyches, seem to defy all attempts at erasure. In Regrets, Reality, Restoration, a companion booklet that complements the Men's NetWork Bible study of the same name, one particular individual is singled out for his colossal regret: the disciple Peter.

Written by Rev. Wayne Palmer, theological editor and writer for United States Ministries, this Project Connect booklet puts Peter under the microscope, the one who pledged his devotion and steadfastness to Jesus, no matter what the consequences. For Peter, the "rock," what happened was a possible taint by association with the arrested Savior and, fearing that, the persecution that would likely follow. With Peter's denial the deed was done; he was guilty, and his story could have ended  read more >>


Project Connect Booklet Why Should I go to Church?Translated into Spanish ¿Por qué debo ir a la iglesia? (6BS27)

When you hear the word "church" or see a church building in your neighborhood, how do you feel? Do you smile at a warm memory? Do you have questions about what the people of that church believe and do? You are not alone. No matter where you are in your spiritual life, we invite you to discover the possibilities through the experiences of people just like you. Read the stories of smiles, frowns and lives transformed.

To find out more about these new releases and about other Spanish Project Connect booklets, visit FREE PDF Spanish Booklets.

Just call 1-800-972-5442 to place your order. Available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST) Also, you can share Lenten Devotions in Spanish written by Rev. Dr. Héctor Hoppe for the hispanic community. Invite them to go to Devociones de Cuaresma.  read more >>


Project Connect Booklet Reasons to Believe Translated into Spanish Razones para creer (6BS26)

Written to show the reasonableness of the Christian faith, this booklet is ideal as a quick go-to guide on how Christianity makes sense on many levels. In an easy-to-read style, it shows how believing in God, creation, prophecy, man's inner morality, Jesus and salvation is not something far-fetched and out there. On the contrary, based on historical and archaeological evidence, faith in the truthfulness of God's Word is a logical response to the material at our disposal.

Just call 1-800-972-5442 to place your order. Available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (CST)  read more >>


Project Connect Booklet Live The Six: Learning to Live as an Everyday Missionary Translated into Spanish Vivir los Seis (6BS28)

Though few Christians would say that Gospel outreach and/or missionary efforts are reserved for those intrepid souls who serve in a foreign country, this attitude often seems strangely reflective of many believers' ways of thinking. In this Project Connect booklet by Pastor Dion Garrett, he shares practical, down-to-earth strategies for taking the Gospel to the streets, sharing it with all those exotic people we meet--like our neighbors, our friends, maybe even somebody at our church.  read more >>


Project Connect Booklet Strength and Honor: The Spiritual Warfare against Pornography Translated into Spanish Fuerza y honor: la lucha spiritual contra la pornografía (6BS29)

Pornography, sadly, is a word all too familiar these days. To say porn has crept into our households would be an understatement; its advance has been more like a march, leaving a host of casualties in its wake: individuals, marriages, families relationships, careers, sometimes even one's faith-go down the drain, as this take-no-prisoner scourge derails Christian and non-Christian alike. In this booklet the reader will find insights and hope to battle this pernicious vice.  read more >>


Project Connect Start-Up Kit Booklet List

Project Connect's large display rack is filled with an assortment of pre-selected booklets of our 23 most popular ones (read more to see complete list). With this full-sized, start-up kit, you will receive everything needed to put your outreach booklet ministry in action.  read more >>


Welcome new members!

Our Project Connect membership continues to grow. These past months we welcomed new churches from the Midwest, with great interest in taking advantage of this effective tool for witnessing.  read more >>


Featured Booklet

Regrets, Reality, Restoration
by Rev. Wayne Palmer

ALL the booklets
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As a Project Connect user, you've probably already thought about many of the audiences that would benefit from receiving these booklets. For instance, your church may already be putting a copy of The Bible: What? When? Why? or Reasons To Believe in new member packets. You may already be giving booklets like Battles with the Bottle, Comebacks: How to Get back up after Life Knocks You Down, and Self-Control in an Addictive World to local Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous groups. For kids in confirmation class, When in Doubt ... Read the Bible, What Happens When I Die? and Live the Six: Learning to Live as an Everyday Missionary are easy-to-read texts with vital information, especially at this formative period in their lives. For those doing outreach, the recently released booklet, The Mormons: Who They Are, What They Believe,, is an excellent introduction to this religious movement.  read more >>


Special Notes

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