Online Mission Trips

Much of the church's enthusiasm today for evangelism and mission involvement is fueled by opportunities for "hands-on" service and learning alongside Christians around the world. Parishioners travel across the globe to meet, work with and witness to people in other countries who need to hear about the eternal life God offers through Jesus Christ.

Children's opportunities for hands-on service in the field tend to be limited - but through Lutheran Hour Ministries' International Online Mission Trips, students attending Lutheran schools can experience much of the learning and thrill of a mission trip - and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the work of Lutheran Hour Ministries International Ministry Centers.

When your school registers for Lutheran Hour Ministries' Online Mission Trip, students will:

  • Get to know LHM ministry leaders in an overseas community
  • Learn about the people of a different culture and about how God’s Word is being shared and spread among them
  • Learn the importance of relationship-building and holistic outreach in the spread of the Gospel
  • Learn how their involvement through prayer and their designated Chapel offerings can help "make disciples of all nations!"

How an Online Mission Trip Works

  • Your school will connect with Lutheran Hour Ministries and LHM’s ministry center director via an online video communications system similar to videoconferencing.
  • Students will get to know the ministry center director, the country, and LHM’s mission efforts through live presentations and short, pre-recorded video segments.
  • Students will interact with the ministry center within the videoconference environment—asking questions and praying with them.
  • Teachers will have access to curriculum and extra class activities to deepen their understanding of and engagement in the work of the LHM Ministry Center.
  • Schools will give Chapel offering donations to support the mission work of their Online Mission Trip partner.
Watch the Online Mission Trip to Kenya Day 4 sample below.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share an online mission trip with your students!