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Readers Respond Positively to LHM's Seasonal Devotions

Mar. 30, 2016 — Lutheran Hour Ministries' 2016 Lenten Devotion series, Love's Greatest Sacrifice, wrapped up Easter weekend. But these daily meditations had a profound impact on the many individuals who downloaded the booklet, received the devotions via e-mail, or listened to the audio. Here are just some of the comments that Lutheran Hour Ministries received in response to this year's Lenten Devotion series, as well as LHM's 2015 Advent Devotions.

"I would like to send a most positive, as in all 10's, on Pastor Palmer's Lenten devotionals. I have been a long-time email subscriber, and think that this year's was one of the best. I have never seen such heart and mind hitting of single verses that fully explore the Gospel. Thank you so much."

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Readers Respond Positively to LHM's Seasonal Devotions 

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