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New Bible Study Illustrates Overcoming Life's Regrets
For some (perhaps many) of us, the passage of time is irrevocably scarred with deep-seated regret. What do we do when our past won't stop creeping into our present, staining our future? A new Bible study from the Men's NetWork will show you there is hope—just as there was for the four individuals in the study who grappled with regrets that threatened to swallow up their lives.

Register Now for Dynamic Outreach Conference in New York!
Join hundreds of other mission-minded individuals when Lutheran Hour Ministries kicks off its 2015 slate of Regional Outreach Conferences with an event in New York, March 13-14. The conference will feature leading speakers on ministry, instructive breakout sessions, takeaway resources to use at home, and inspiring worship—all designed to empower attendees to share their faith in word and deed.

Lutheran Hour Ministries Uses Singing Competition to Witness to Women Inmates of Madagascar Prison
Enthused by the witness of the sports ministry program inaugurated in 2013 by Lutheran Hour Ministries—Madagascar, the women inmates of Madagascar's Antanimora Prison asked LHM to help them develop a similar event for women—and LHM delivered!

Straight to the Heart: Messages from 'Five14'
Lutheran Hour Ministries sat down with three writers of devotions for teens who are plugged into LHM's five14 witnessing training program. Get these writers' insights about how teens think—and how they respond to these great meditations.

Lenten Devotions Will Be Available Jan. 1
With Lent arriving earlier in 2015, Lutheran Hour Ministries' seasonal devotions can give your church a head start on outreach this coming new year. English and Spanish devotions for the Lenten season will be available for downloading, printing and customizing beginning Jan. 1.

Multi-cultural Witness? Social media evangelism? This Outreach Story Defies Categorization.
An old saw says, "God works in mysterious ways." The story of a Korean woman who found messages of faith and hope posted on Facebook from half a world away bear that out—and more!

Schools: You Can Still Sign Up for LHM's 'Online Mission Trip' to Latvia!
A great opportunity for witness and learning is just around the corner. It's Lutheran Hour Ministries' Online Mission Trip to Latvia! Your school can register now through January 9!

Watch for the Lutheran Hour Ministries Float in the Rose Parade
Invite your friends, relatives and neighbors to watch for the Lutheran Hour Ministries float during television coverage of the New Year's Day Rose Parade. For the best viewing, the Home and Garden channel (HGTV) shows the parade in its entirety on cable TV. The float is scheduled in the front section of the parade as the seventh float.

There's Still Time to Help LHM Meet 2014 Goals
Are you looking for a last-minute Christmas gift? Consider giving a special gift to ministry that can help bring the Gospel message to hurting people around the world who are searching for more meaning in life.

Ministry Prayer Needs

Continued Holistic Outreach to Syrian Refugees
About 9 million people have been displaced from their homes by the violence of the ongoing war in Syria. More than a million who have fled Syria are living in refugee communities in Lebanon. Since mid-2013, staff and volunteers from Lutheran Hour Ministries—Lebanon have traveled into rugged border communities in order to provide food, medicine, and hygiene supplies to Syrian refugees—along with the message of the hope that can be found only in Jesus. This month, the LHM team performed a drama called The Missing Puzzle Piece for hundreds of refugee children. The play focused on gifts—particularly Christmas gifts—that offer pleasure for a time but do not solve the puzzle of how to have true joy; the missing piece of that puzzle is Jesus. Please pray for LHM's courageous Middle East Lutheran Ministry staff and volunteers, who share the Gospel in the midst of desperation and danger.

Friends of Lutheran Hour Ministries Are Victims of a Violent Attack
In late November, Rev. Eduardo Bonilla and Mr. Francisco Paxtor of the Lutheran Church in Guatemala were attacked by armed men while they were returning from an anniversary celebration at a church in a remote mountain village. Rev. Bonilla is recovering from gunshot wounds to the chest. Mr. Paxtor was killed in the attack; he is survived by his wife and three children. Please ask God to provide care and comfort for Rev. Bonilla and his family, as well as for the Paxtor family; pray also for the Lutheran Church in Guatemala, which is an outreach partner of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Product on the Horizon is an Answer to Prayer
A retired pastor wrote to LHM recently, "For years during my active ministry, I talked to people like you about producing a video instruction class for people interested in understanding the teachings of our Church. Having used many of the Men's Network Bible studies in my former congregation and seeing how well they are done, I believe your team would be best suited to producing a study that could be used by members and non-members alike. I pray that someone would take this idea and run with it—and get it onto the web as soon as possible, as it seems that's where most people today are getting their information about everything, including their religious instruction."

At LHM we're grateful for this faithful worker's trust in us and we praise God for it. Readers of LHM's Layman newspaper ( will learn in the January-February issue that his prayers have been answered in God Connects, LHM's soon-to-be-released video learning series featuring Speaker of The Lutheran Hour Rev. Gregory Seltz. Please join us in asking God to bless this critical education series—and look for more information about it soon!


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December 21, 2014
Surprised by Grace
Speaker: Rev. Gregory Seltz
God's grace comes as a surprise and blessing to those who deserve none of it.

December 28, 2014
Monsters in Our Tomorrows
Speaker: Pastor Ken Klaus
Unknown monsters lurk in the shadows of the new year but Christ will carry us through.

January 4, 2015
Gospel Power for Personal Patience
Speaker: Rev. Gregory Seltz
Jesus teaches us to be patient and wait with hope in God's promises.

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'The Lutheran Hour' Speaking Engagements

January 31, 2015
Pastor Seltz
Faith Lutheran Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Epiphany Seminar Leader
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

February 1, 2015
Pastor Seltz
Faith Lutheran Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Worship Service & Bible Study Leader
Worship Service: 10 a.m.
Bible Study: 8:45 - 9:30 a.m.

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