Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday 2016: February 7, 2016

In today’s increasingly post-Christian culture, the need to boldly proclaim the love of Christ is greater than ever so that lives can be changed by the Gospel! People like you carry this proclamation forward in responding to God’s call to fulfill the Great Commission.

Learn how you and other congregation members can use LHM’s outreach training and resources by joining us for Lutheran Hour Ministries Sunday on February 7, 2016--or any Sunday of your choice. These outreach tools serve as the catalyst for partnering with the laity to empower them to be missionaries in their own communities.

Pastors and Ambassadors: Look for your promotional packet of LHM Sunday materials to arrive by mail soon.

You will have to order bulk quantities of the FREE brochures and offering envelopes for your congregation.
Please allow two weeks for delivery.
Ordering and Downloadable files will be available December 4th!